What is the most effective way to lose weight?

There has been a sea change in the socio economic environment, where our lifestyles have become sedentary, leading to many health issues and a major problem – obesity. When we talk about weight gain, we also talk about the problems which it generates, it can be high cholesterol, rising blood pressure or heart ailments. So to say obesity is not just a social acceptance issues, it also has severe repercussions on our health.

Owing to these realizations weight loss programs have become a rage and every one seems to be in a constant quest to shed those extra kilos. Since every body has different needs and everyone has a lifestyle unique to himself, so we can’t devise out a generalized weight loss plan for everyone.

Some might find workout as the best solution and others might not have the time for the same and would prefer some easier and time saving option. It is then, that weight loss pills come in question. Owing to its ease and safety proven by many researches, weight loss pills are the new in thing and we can see the market flooded with its many variants.


Workout – by far the safest and most trusted approach towards weight loss comes out as a winner when we talk about other health benefits which follow with a regular workout regime. While you involve yourself in a physical activity the cellulites melts away and the body gets toned.

Apart from this workout, has proven toward of the unhealthy triglycerides and increases the good cholesterol in the body, thus preventing cardiovascular diseases to a great deal. When you involve yourself in a daily exercise regime, the blood starts flowing smoothly inside your body carrying the nutrients to all the organs in a better manner. This eventually uplifts your mood, increases concentration, energy levels and improves hair and skin health too.

Another important point in favor of workouts is that you can exercise on your own, or enroll in a gym, so there is a lot of flexibility at your discretion- which makes it a simple approach. The only thing you require here is a strong will to do, and thus you need to motivate yourself for following a regular exercising schedule by constantly reminding yourself about the various health benefits it is going to bestow upon you.


Suddenly we are seeing the tide turning in favor of weight loss pills; there popularity has increased many folds, since they have been able to deliver what they promise, without any grave side effect.

Weight loss pills are easier alternatives for those who have a busy lifestyle and are on a go. Most of the diet pills available in the market constitute of natural ingredients like caffeine or green tea extracts, these pills generally work by reducing the levels of glucose in your body thus the body is forced to use the existing stores of fat, secondly by making you feel filled these pills curb over intake of food.

So quite simple in there usage these pills have also known to have other health benefits too (increase in energy and feeling of general wellbeing). So we can say weight loss pills are definitely a good way of losing weight and getting a slender frame, though it is advisable to use only approved medicines for best results and avoiding any side effects.



Once we have taken an overview of the effectiveness of weight loss pills lets discuss the most popular variants, so that understanding and choosing becomes easier.


ADVANA TONE has been given the scientific nod in its endeavor to cure obesity. This pill is high on the charts of popularity, as it effectively curbs the hunger pangs and at the same time reduces the glucose levels in body (leading to fat reduction). Constituting of inexperienced coffee extracts, this pill is all natural in its make. With the capability to increase vitality in the body and significantly lowering the blood sugar this pill has more than one benefit to vouch for. This pill has to be taken in before the three major meals of the day, while you are on these pills you need to increase your water intake and follow healthy dietary regime (for best results).


A drug, which can be called a hybrid of two previously existing drugs, incorporates the goodness of both. This drug has proved its effectiveness in weight loss and is quite a rage. The drug works on the basic principle of making you feel as if you are filled and thus preventing overeating. This drug induces vitality and a general feeling of wellness, which are its additional benefits. CALRIPHEN reduces your food intake but it does not generate the feeling of fatigue or weakness, infact you will feel more energetic while you are doing away with those extra pounds using this pill (sounds simple isn’t it). The only caution to be exercised is that this drug might be hazardous for pregnant women and coronary disease patients.


ALMASED is actually replenishment for your dietary discrepancies owing to unhealthy eating habits. This supplement comes in form of a powder and contains a bountiful mix of important nutrients and enzymes. Rich in skim milk, yogurt powder, fermented soy and honey this product aids the metabolic functions of the body. When the body is having a good metabolic rate it doesn’t let unwanted fats to accumulate (burns faster) and thus aids in weight loss. A metabolically active body is also high on immunity and energy, thus a win- win situation as you are losing weight and at the same time feeling energetic and fit.

So to conclude we can say the best plan towards a good weight loss program will be a healthy combination of workouts and dietary pills, thus incorporating the benefits of both to get that dream figure.

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