Punctuality in transport services in Germany and the compensations for delay

Punctuality in daily life

Punctuality is very important in daily life and regarding the public transports they are more important as any delay in the public transports can cause a lot of problems to all the passengers. For this reason, the European countries have a law made which will save the passengers from unnecessary problems that may be caused due to the delay and also to increase the responsibility of the transportation companies to reach the passengers to their destination within time. Now, let us take a look at the laws and compensation rules of transport delays in Germany which is known to be a punctual country in Europe.

The transport delay rules in Germany

According to a recent law, the flight and train companies have to pay some amount as compensation to the passengers in case of a delay.

Now, for the Flugverspätungen in Deutschland, the passengers are entitled compensation only when the flight delay is more than 3 hours. The flight company will have to give a package of food and refreshments to the passengers firstly and two phone calls free of cost or two email, fax or any other modes of communication and also in case the flight delay is overnight, the companies will have to give the passengers lodging facility. The delay time for the assistance and food to be provided by the flight company is 2 hours for journey of 0 to 1500km, 3 hours for distance of 1500 to 3500km and 4 hours for journey more than 3500km. Now, if the flight journey is delayed by more than 3hours, you will be entitled a compensation of 250 Euros for journey up to 1500km, 400 Euros for 1500 to 3500km, 300 Euros for more than 3500km and in case the delay is more than 4hours for journey of more than 3500km, you will be compensated with 600 Euros. These compensations will be provided in case the delay isn’t caused by an extraordinary circumstance like bad weather, volcanic ash covering up the atmosphere, etc. which are out of the airlines companies control.

For the trains also the delay compensation is same. If the delay is more than 1hour, the company will have to provide you wither of the services depending on your choice:

  • Reach you free of cost to your departure station and also to refund the whole money of the ticket which was delayed. In that case you will have to choose not to complete your journey.
  • In case you choose to complete the journey, the company will have to complete the journey within a reasonable time and also refund 25% of the ticket in case the delay is 60 to 119 minutes. In case the delay is of 120 minutes or more than that, you will be refunded 50% of the ticket. You can take legal help for the compensations.

In this case also the delay shouldn’t take place due to some extraordinary circumstances like bad weather. If you are informed about delay prior to buying ticket, company isn’t obliged to pay compensations.

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